About ProfitKey, a Manufacturing ERP Software Company

For over 35 years, ProfitKey International has been a leader in providing manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for small to mid sized companies who are looking to increase efficiency; specifically, in the areas of shop floor scheduling, communications, inventory management, labor reporting, cost tracking, and more.

Today, that tradition continues with our new technology, new innovations, and new services. ProfitKey directly implements and supports Rapid Response Manufacturing® Software from 10 offices nationwide.

Rapid Response Manufacturing® is the industry’s first fully-integrated product suite that provides robust document management and workflow capabilities, making it the only paperless manufacturing solution on the market.

It is our mission at ProfitKey to provide you with the best software solution in the manufacturing industry to help you remain competitive, operate efficiently, and exceed customer expectations. We believe that by delivering solutions built around the business of manufacturing, our customers can improve the way they do business – from the front office to the shop floor.

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ProfitKey Users

Typical results from our users include improved cash flow, inventory accuracy, and supplier rating.  On time delivery has proven to increase above 95% while a reduction in carried inventory of more than 25%.

ProfitKey hosts both Local and National User Conferences. Local User Meetings are held in order to update our customers on new products and services, and are hosted by regional customers. Each year we participate in numerous local meetings.

The national conference provides users with the unique opportunity to learn about new products and services offered by ProfitKey, our Business Partners, and selected industry speakers, and the invaluable experience to network and share experiences and ideas with other ProfitKey users. With a high return on investment, you will be able to attend a variety of sessions to discover how other users take full advantage of all the products and services offered by ProfitKey. Attendees also learn about the future direction of the company, providing integral feedback to fit their needs.