Accounts Receivable ERP Software

The Accounts Receivable module maintains and records customer payments against invoices. Both modules integrate with the General Ledger to provide a complete financial system.

Accounts Receivable ERP Software
  • Generates invoices and credit memos directly from customer shipments.
  • Prints Sales and Cash receipts Journals with G/L account distribution detail and summary.
  • Supports unapplied cash and overpayments.
  • Allows user selected variable format invoices.
  • Works with multiple open accounting periods.
  • Customer Hold Control.
  • Credit and Collection Subsystem.
  • Cash Batching Controls.
  • Updates invoice and payment information automatically to the General Ledger module.
  • Simplified cash application tools.
  • Allows partial payments.
  • Provides invoices for miscellaneous charges.
  • Progress Billing functionality can be supported depending on requirements.