Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software (APS Software)

The Common Sense Scheduler® is a manufacturing control system that maximizes resources. “Latest Start Date” scheduling reduces inventory investment while dramatically improving on-time delivery.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

  • Provides a real-time, graphical view of work center loads at shop, department, and station levels.
  • Displays work center load in graphical detail in the Scheduler’s and Dispatcher’s Workbenches®. Load can be displayed for individual work stations, groups of work stations, and entire departments.
  • Flexibility in scheduling methods; Common sense, forward, or backward.

      • Allows changes to operation scheduling
        through real-time dispatching functions.
      • Allows split work orders for expediting.
      • Supports multiple scheduling priorities.
      • Configurable to support either finite or
        Infinite scheduling methodologies.
      • Provides flexible work center calendars.
      • Maintains concurrent scheduling.
      • Handles overlapping operations.
      • Maintains exception calendar by work center.
      • Schedules, departments personnel, or machines.
      • Maintains user defined schedule horizon.
      • Links operations.
      • Option to “group schedule” work orders
        to save setup time and money.
      • Improve On-Time Delivery to  95% or more