ERP Software for Automotive Manufacturing

ProfitKey International is the industry leader in providing ERP software solutions for the Automotive Industry.  We at ProfitKey recognize the vigorous demands in the automotive industry.  ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) gives automotive parts manufacturers and OEMs the tools they need to distinguish themselves from their competition by reducing costs, streamlining production and increasing efficiency.

ProfitKey’s real-time integration creates a seamless communication tool throughout the shop floor.  From material demand to inventory status to the constraints at the work center; ProfitKey’s RRM shows you what’s happening in real-time.

ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) solution supports the specific requirements of automotive manufacturers with the following features:

  • EDIAutomotive ERP Case Study
  • Quality
  • Portals
  • Engineering Change Management
  • Serial and Lot Control
  • Kanban

ProfitKey’s RRM Solution: The tools you need to efficiently run your shop and keep costs under control at a price that’s right for everyone.