Obama Grants $500 Million To Promote Innovation : New Technologies a Path to Job Creation?

Obama Manufacturing Grant

Investing in Manufacturing

President Obama announced a $500 Million initiative to promote innovation and technology jobs in emerging industries here in the U.S.  While many manufacturing jobs have left our shores in search of lower wages, this targeted approach focuses on high-tech, engineering based jobs that would be much less likely sent overseas through off-shoring.

Fields such as information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology are the intended beneficiaries of this grant, allowing U.S. companies to create new technologies and increase production within our borders.

ProfitKey customers are extremely well equipped (in both machine and human capabilities) to take advantage of such a program, and we have seen firsthand the incredible innovations that small manufacturers are capable of.

We all agree that manufacturing jobs need to return to the U.S., so the question is: are these emerging technologies a promising path to business growth and job creation?

Posted by Ken Hayes, Vice President, ProfitKey International

One thought on “Obama Grants $500 Million To Promote Innovation : New Technologies a Path to Job Creation?

  1. Francisco

    Sounds like a good plan, clearly many consumer goods will still be produced elsewhere; However, the opportunities for the U.S. are in the research and development of the more complex products as well as products that are greatly affected by the ever increasing transportation costs. The U.S. should focus on it’s strengths in innovation while looking at ways to compete without having to outsource jobs. The auto industry is a great example as we see more automakers building plants in the U.S. to manufacture and assembly automobiles for the North American market.

    It is clear that the U.S. as a service economy will not produce enough jobs, we will need to refocus on manufacturing.

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