ProfitKey International Now Offering Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

ProfitKey International, a leader in ERP software for discrete manufacturing companies for over 30 years, has entered into an agreement with PowwowHR to integrate their Human Resource Management System (HRMS) with ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP system.

PowwowHR is a leading provider of HRMS software and solutions delivered via a SaaS-based integrated platform which eliminates the need to manage multiple vendors.

Founded by principals with over 20 years experience providing HR solutions, they believe it takes a group of people who are HR professionals to develop software that successfully addresses the needs of the HR industry.  PowwowHR’s passion behind the development of these products and solutions is demonstrated in the ease of use and robust functionality.

“Every company, especially in the manufacturing industry, needs a strong HR solution to manage the entire employee life cycle,” said Joe Di Zazzo, ProfitKey President and CEO.  He added, “HR is something our customers have requested for a long time, but we wanted to be sure we had the right partner to deliver the best solution possible.  After extensive customer and market research, PowwowHR’s solution stood head and shoulders above all other systems.”

“The strategic and cultural fit between ProfitKey and PowwowHR is compelling, and will be extremely complementary in terms of services,” said Michael Gregorio, Managing Partner and COO of PowwowHR.  He also added, “Imagine a SaaS-based solution that allows you to manage your HR, payroll, benefits administration, time & attendance, and ProfitKey ERP software all from a single integrated platform.”

About ProfitKey International

For over 30 years, ProfitKey International has been a leader in providing Manufacturing Planning, Manufacturing Operations, Financial Management software and Customer Service. Today, that tradition continues with new technology, new innovations, and new services. ProfitKey directly implements and supports Rapid Response Manufacturing ® Software from seven offices nationwide. Over 1,200 customers with over 21,000 users have implemented ProfitKey software in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East.

About PowowHR

PowwowHR is a leading provider of HR, Payroll, Benefits Administration, and Time & Attendance software and solutions delivered via a SaaS-based integrated platform.

PowwowHR’s goal is to offer the most comprehensive set of HRMS capabilities available at the lowest possible price to compete with major market players. With an expanding line of innovative online solutions, PowwowHR helps you attract talented employees, and keep them engaged, educated, and empowered, while significantly streamlining the way you’re managing the business of human resources.

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