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APICS Magazine Features Aerospace Manufacturer and Their Lasting Software ‘Solution’

This is an excerpt taken from the 2012 March/April Edition of APICS Magazine
‘Designed For The Long Haul: Aerospace Manufacturer Finds A Lasting Solution’
Written by: Monty Peterson, Aerospace Dynamics International
Edited by: Karl M Kapp, APICS Magazine

Aerospace Dynamics international (ADI) based in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California, supplies complex components and mechanical assemblies to the global aeronautics and aerospace industries.  Our corporate goal is to be an industry benchmark and offer our customers the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies.  At ADI, we are confident that our focus on continuous improvement and advanced technologies will enable the success of all of our customers’ programs.

For more than 20 years, we have been using a software program called Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) to serve our enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs.  Continue reading

The rise of Embraer – A Latin American Aerospace Giant Lands in the U.S.

Embraer Taking Off For The U.S.

Embraer Taking Off For The U.S.

For years now, news in the North American aircraft market has been dominated by the never-ending battle between Boeing and Airbus in the large plane market.  As those two titans trade the number 1/ number 2 spots in aircraft deliveries, another battle has been brewing, largely under the radar (pun intended). Continue reading