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The Manufacturing ERP Search: The Daunting Task of the Short List

Phew!  You’ve worked yourself like crazy in order to come up with 5-10 ERP companies that might be able to suit your shop floor’s wants, needs, and pains.  Let’s assume you compiled this list from numerous sources: RFI’s, word of mouth, historical research, specific industry reporting, analyst evaluations, community/peer driven sites, etc. etc. You’re still sitting with a pencil in your ear and about 5 strong portfolios in front of you that all look the same from an eagle eye view.  Now comes the toughest part; you ask yourself, which one of these will take me to the promise land and not turn into a pumpkin by the end of the day.  Continue reading

Boy Scout Uses Manufacturing Software To “Be Prepared” For Eagle Scouts

Boy Scout Uses Manufacturing SoftwareMy son, Owen, is a Life Scout in Troop 380, and is currently working on achieving the highest rank in Boy Scouts – Eagle Scout.  This requires a long path and a lot of effort, as he must earn at least 21 ‘Merit Badges’ (badges that teach certain skills).  The biggest piece of the rank, however, is a ‘Leadership Service Project’.

This project must be something in his church or community that benefits an organization in some way.  He must lead all the way through, from project selection to planning, fundraising, materials / service procurement and leadership during the execution of the actual project.  This is meant to help the young man grow in his ability to lead others toward a beneficial goal.  It has to be more than simply painting or repairing something, and usually involves some pretty involved construction. Continue reading

Job Creation, Profitability, and Sustainability – The Keys To Small Manufacturing Success

Manufacturing Economic Recovery Job creation, profitability, and sustainability are terms that have been thrown around throughout the manufacturing industry, especially when we are talking about small to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s); but how exactly can we achieve these things as a collective whole and, more importantly, on an individual level?  Continue reading