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The rise of Embraer – A Latin American Aerospace Giant Lands in the U.S.

Embraer Taking Off For The U.S.

Embraer Taking Off For The U.S.

For years now, news in the North American aircraft market has been dominated by the never-ending battle between Boeing and Airbus in the large plane market.  As those two titans trade the number 1/ number 2 spots in aircraft deliveries, another battle has been brewing, largely under the radar (pun intended). Continue reading

Boeing Wins Controversial Tanker Contract

Boeing Aircraft recently won an Air Force contract for medium sized Air-Refueling Tankers, in what was a bidding process rife with controversy.  Originally, the Northrop/EADS (Airbus) team was awarded the contract in early 2008, but Boeing contested the award, citing irregularities in the bidding process, and a change in specifications mid-process. Continue reading