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ProfitKey’s ERP For Project-based Manufacturing Is Now TEC Certified (A guest blog)

Written by Aleksey Osintsev (see bio), Courtesy of Technology Evaluations Center (TEC)

TEC is pleased to announce that Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) software from ProfitKey International, a developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturing, has been TEC certified for online evaluation in TEC’s ERP Evaluation Center. An in-depth demonstration of its capabilities was conducted in order to evaluate how RRM holds up to industry benchmarks. We saw the system in real time and assessed its performance on requested tasks and its workflow capabilities. We tried out the system’s navigation along with selected features and functions. Continue reading

To SaaS or Not to Saas. Not to SaaS, For Now

Cloud ERP

Think Before You Leap Into The Cloud

Industry Week recently published an article by Pete Zeppell, VP of Zilliant, ‘To Saas or Not to SaaS’ . The article spoke about the top five key reasons why people should make the shift to a SaaS, or cloud, model for their business performance software.  While I don’t believe the article was intended to address all manufacturing verticals, it did take a general approach where people in small to mid-sized manufacturing companies could get the wrong impression.  The purpose of this blog article is not to discredit Mr. Zeppell’s, but rather to address those philosophies as if they were speaking about ERP (enterprise resource planning) software directly.  Continue reading

ERP Management Implementation Tips Every Manufacturer Should Know (Part 3 of 4)

ERP Implementation TrainingIn the first segment of our ‘Your ERP Implementation’ series, we discussed initial steps, procedures, and introduced a philosophy for a core implementation team.  In the second, we examined the crucial aspect of a work-flow review, which then lead into installation and training.  In this new segment, we will take our newly found knowledge to refine a honed implementation plan, based on specific structures, needs, and requirements, to ensure best results throughout the ERP project. Continue reading

ProfitKey Continues Momentum at EASTEC 2013

Salem, NH – October 4, 2012 –

ProfitKey International LLC, a leader in providing ERP, MRP, and MES solutions to small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses for over 30 years, announced today that they will continue their marketing stride by exhibiting at the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s (SME) EASTEC 2013.  From May 14-16 the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA will be the home of EASTEC 2013, a show held every two years designed to bring various manufacturing companies, experts, and students along the east coast together to network, discuss trends, and share knowledge, all for the betterment of the industry.  Continue reading

Five Tips To Balance Manufacturing Supply and Demand [Free Webinar]

This webcast can now be viewed on YouTube by clicking the link below.

Balancing Manufacturing Supply And Demand With ERP

Are you confident that MRP purchase recommendations reflect actual inventory requirements?  Do you know whether sales order promise dates account for actual materials, capacity, and scheduling constraints? If you answer “no” to these and similar questions, your manufacturing business might want to think about how it can leverage ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to improve customer service and operating efficiency. Continue reading

What Is ERP? – Enterprise Resource Planning For Manufacturing

[Guest blog] Written by Jay Snow, Courtesy of MTI Systems

It can be easy to agree that ERPs, as with most software, have come a long way, since Y2K. Note the various comments from industry editors and software providers mentioned below:

ERP stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning” and according to Wikipedia is software that integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance, accounting, manufacturing, sales, service, customer relationship management, and more. Continue reading

ERP Software Helps Electronic Contract Manufacturer Find Sales Growth

Proxy Manufacturing, Inc., originally founded as SDF Electronics, an Electronic Contract Manufacturer servicing a vast array of markets and assemblies from military, medical, automotive, RF, commercial, flexible circuits and fully integrated services, recently increased their sales by over 30% by utilizing ProfitKey International’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Continue reading

Why Cycle Counting Should Be In Your Manufacturing Process

The days of doing a yearly physical inventory are a thing of the past.  Shutting your company down for two days and having all hands on deck at year end during busy holiday season is obsolete.  Well, not really…but the time is certainly getting closer.  Cycle counting, an inventory auditing procedure done on a specific day (or days), is becoming a more acceptable solution to the year-end physical inventory process.  The general idea here is: tackling multiple small projects is more efficient, safer, and now more acceptable than attempting one huge project.  Continue reading

ProfitKey International Now Offering Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

ProfitKey International, a leader in ERP software for discrete manufacturing companies for over 30 years, has entered into an agreement with PowwowHR to integrate their Human Resource Management System (HRMS) with ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP system. Continue reading

Key Financial Reporting Practices For Any Manufacturing Company

Financial reporting is critical to any business, manufacturing being no exception. Maintaining good, clean financial statements will keep you organized and on top of how your business is performing from month to month, and year to year; however, like with any function in your organization, the information you get out of your system is only as good as what is put into it. Some systems allow you to review all information before it is updated and posted to your general ledger. Other systems are fully automated and others are a combination of both, allowing you to choose what fits you best. Regardless of how your system works, there are key elements to ensure the numbers are clean and accurate every month. Continue reading