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The Daunting ERP Search: How Do You Find the Right Fit For YOU?

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In our previous blog, ERP Consultants, we started to address the overwhelming issue of an ERP system search.  Whether you have the extra cash flow to hire a consultant or, you are bold enough to start the in-depth search on your own, you will be faced with many inquiries that you will need to address from the very start of the process.  Continue reading

ERP consultants – Worth the money? When are they helpful?

In the immense world of manufacturing, shop floor managers to CEO’s battle daily with the wants, needs, and ever-changing demands of their clients.  They constantly struggle over the best way to meet and, hopefully, exceed those demands while minimizing bottlenecks.   Many have struggled to the point where an (ERP) system might be the only way to keep their sinking ship afloat, while others have done so well that an ERP system is necessary to keep up with their escalating performance and pace.  Either direction, most companies have now asked themselves “How and where do I start looking?”  Continue reading

3 Questions To Determine If A System Has Real-Time Capabilities

As stated in our White Paper discussing the buzz word “Real-Time”, many products and ERP vendors claim to have real-time capabilities.  The term is used in many different ways, and it can be confusing to understand what the realities are in specific systems.  To help you figure out and compare the real-time features of systems, we have come up with a question checklist below:

Continue reading

Why do ERP Implementations Fail

Top 5 Reasons Why ERP Implementations Fail

When listening to fears and concerns about ERP solutions, implementation is usually on the top of most lists.  Yes, it can be daunting, but it is the cornerstone of the overall project.    So why do ERP implementations fail?  Below is our countdown of the most common ERP implementation errors and how to avoid them.  Continue reading