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Job Creation, Profitability, and Sustainability – The Keys To Small Manufacturing Success

Manufacturing Economic Recovery Job creation, profitability, and sustainability are terms that have been thrown around throughout the manufacturing industry, especially when we are talking about small to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s); but how exactly can we achieve these things as a collective whole and, more importantly, on an individual level?  Continue reading

Local Business Is Dying – Can Manufacturing Survive The Internet-Age?

Local BusinessOnce upon a time, my Mom would take me downtown to help her with grocery shopping.  The only way she would get me to do this without kicking and screaming was she would promise to take me to the local video store to pick out a game and or movie and possibly to the record store for a new music CD.  Fast forward to 2011, big conglomerates of NetFlix, Redbox, etc. have completely run these local stores out of business.  What about album shops? Aside from a few that sell vintage vinyl, forget about it.  Apple’s iTunes have completely monopolized the music industry.  I even remember when BestBuy came along everyone was scared that this giant would be the end to local business.  Now, even BestBuy is struggling to compete since wholesale electronic goods are so easily accessible thanks to virtual marketplaces.  These are just a few examples of how the internet-age has changed the economics of our societies.  The manufacturing industry might be one of the few remaining and lasting local businesses alive and kicking.  Continue reading

“Made In the USA”: What Is It Worth To You?

Made In The U.S.A.     In a recent blog, we discussed the advancement of manufacturing equipment and the quality of U.S. made products as possible factors that will help bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.  This point leads us to wonder how much of an impact does “Made in the USA,” have on buying decisions regarding components and finished goods. Continue reading

‘Manufacturers Are Hiring Again’ But, Do They Have the Skills To Pay the Bills?

In the software advice post ‘Manufacturers Are Hiring Again…‘ by ERP Market Analyst, Derek Singleton, we are shown that U.S. manufacturers have already “added over 100,000” jobs in 2011.  The major question is posed: is there a shortage of desired skills out in the workforce? Continue reading

USA 2011: The Rise of The Manufacturing Machines

To answer your question: Yes, the title is a play on the Terminator series.  In the past decades machines have been getting faster, smarter, and more efficient. Many fear they are taking over many aspects of our lives, most importantly our jobs; however, many of those manufacturing jobs have instead been shipped overseas. Now the overwhelming sense is that we are losing jobs not to machines, but to cheap labor, benefiting other countries.  The question is, are the same machines we feared going to be what saves our manufacturing industries and the economy? Continue reading

Boeing Wins Controversial Tanker Contract

Boeing Aircraft recently won an Air Force contract for medium sized Air-Refueling Tankers, in what was a bidding process rife with controversy.  Originally, the Northrop/EADS (Airbus) team was awarded the contract in early 2008, but Boeing contested the award, citing irregularities in the bidding process, and a change in specifications mid-process. Continue reading