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ProfitKey Continues Momentum at EASTEC 2013

Salem, NH – October 4, 2012 –

ProfitKey International LLC, a leader in providing ERP, MRP, and MES solutions to small and mid-sized manufacturing businesses for over 30 years, announced today that they will continue their marketing stride by exhibiting at the Society of Manufacturing Engineer’s (SME) EASTEC 2013.  From May 14-16 the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA will be the home of EASTEC 2013, a show held every two years designed to bring various manufacturing companies, experts, and students along the east coast together to network, discuss trends, and share knowledge, all for the betterment of the industry.  Continue reading

IMTS 2012 Spotlight: ERP Software for ETO Manufacturers

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (better known as IMTS) is North America’s largest manufacturing technology trade show.  Every even numbered year manufacturing companies nationwide come together in a neutral location to exhibit, discuss, educate, share, and network with one another on all the latest technological and industrial advances.  The shared ultimate goal is to continue to grow and improve the rapidly evolving industry that is manufacturing.  Continue reading

ERP Software Helps Electronic Contract Manufacturer Find Sales Growth

Proxy Manufacturing, Inc., originally founded as SDF Electronics, an Electronic Contract Manufacturer servicing a vast array of markets and assemblies from military, medical, automotive, RF, commercial, flexible circuits and fully integrated services, recently increased their sales by over 30% by utilizing ProfitKey International’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Continue reading

Why Cycle Counting Should Be In Your Manufacturing Process

The days of doing a yearly physical inventory are a thing of the past.  Shutting your company down for two days and having all hands on deck at year end during busy holiday season is obsolete.  Well, not really…but the time is certainly getting closer.  Cycle counting, an inventory auditing procedure done on a specific day (or days), is becoming a more acceptable solution to the year-end physical inventory process.  The general idea here is: tackling multiple small projects is more efficient, safer, and now more acceptable than attempting one huge project.  Continue reading

The Manufacturing ERP Search: The Daunting Task of the Short List

Phew!  You’ve worked yourself like crazy in order to come up with 5-10 ERP companies that might be able to suit your shop floor’s wants, needs, and pains.  Let’s assume you compiled this list from numerous sources: RFI’s, word of mouth, historical research, specific industry reporting, analyst evaluations, community/peer driven sites, etc. etc. You’re still sitting with a pencil in your ear and about 5 strong portfolios in front of you that all look the same from an eagle eye view.  Now comes the toughest part; you ask yourself, which one of these will take me to the promise land and not turn into a pumpkin by the end of the day.  Continue reading

APICS Magazine Features Aerospace Manufacturer and Their Lasting Software ‘Solution’

This is an excerpt taken from the 2012 March/April Edition of APICS Magazine
‘Designed For The Long Haul: Aerospace Manufacturer Finds A Lasting Solution’
Written by: Monty Peterson, Aerospace Dynamics International
Edited by: Karl M Kapp, APICS Magazine

Aerospace Dynamics international (ADI) based in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California, supplies complex components and mechanical assemblies to the global aeronautics and aerospace industries.  Our corporate goal is to be an industry benchmark and offer our customers the latest engineering and manufacturing technologies.  At ADI, we are confident that our focus on continuous improvement and advanced technologies will enable the success of all of our customers’ programs.

For more than 20 years, we have been using a software program called Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) to serve our enterprise resource planning (ERP) needs.  Continue reading

Manufacturing Software: Navigation Made Easier

Most manufacturing applications have navigation tools to help with data entry and cut down on processing time; however, many times users get caught up in the implementation and learning of the product and don’t take the time to learn the navigation of it. Continue reading

ERP Management Implementation Tips Every Manufacturer Should Know (Part 2 of 4)

ERP Implementation TipsIn the first installment of ERP Management Implementation Tips Every Manufacturer Should Know, we spoke in detail about the importance of having a tight implementation group and personnel within that group. We will now take a hard look at what limited work flow is and, more importantly, how it can help with your particular agenda. Continue reading

Finding the Key to Small Manufacturer’s Profits – Part 2

Written by P.J. Jakovljevic, Courtesy of Technology Evaluations Center ( TEC )

Part 1 of this blog series discussed the genesis of ProfitKey International, one of the longest-standing enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers for small to midsize discrete manufacturers that has never been merged with another peer product. After the protracted bankruptcy saga of its former parent company, HALO Technology Holdings, ProfitKey was recently bought out by Phoenix Asset Management, and is now keen on starting a new chapter.

What Is ProfitKey Exceptionally Good At? Continue reading

Finding the Key to Small Manufacturer’s Profits – Part 1 [A guest blog]

Written by P.J. Jakovljevic, Courtesy of Technology Evaluations Center ( TEC )

This article will start with a trivia question: please name the mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor that has existed the longest in the market with an ERP product that has never been merged with another product? In addition, the vendor and its product offerings have never been covered by TEC and myself. As a hint, the company was founded in 1979 and has always focused on discrete make-to-order (MTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing. Continue reading