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Job Creation, Profitability, and Sustainability – The Keys To Small Manufacturing Success

Manufacturing Economic Recovery Job creation, profitability, and sustainability are terms that have been thrown around throughout the manufacturing industry, especially when we are talking about small to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s); but how exactly can we achieve these things as a collective whole and, more importantly, on an individual level?  Continue reading

Make the Most of your ERP Software’s Capabilities

How To Select Manufacturing Management SoftwareI think it’s safe to say that any given ERP software package installation will have features that are available and would be useful to the manufacturer but aren’t used, for any of a host of reasons.  Back when I worked directly for a manufacturing shop, I had an experience with the project management aspect of a high-end ERP package that illustrates this. Continue reading

[New Poll] Obama Speech To Congress Addressing Manufacturing Jobs : Where Do You See YOUR Future?

President Obama Speech To Manufacturing CompaniesAs we gear up for another exciting season of NFL Football, and thank goodness there is a season, President Barack Obama gears up to address Congress.  Continue reading

Why Government Spending On The Manufacturing Industry And Where Should The Money Go?

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Keeping Innovation in America

Whenever I ask why money is taken out of a paycheck for taxes I am told a few different answers: “It goes into a social security fund for you later in life”, “it goes to help re-build roads, bridges, law enforcement, etc. etc. to help maintain a safe society”, and “towards providing healthcare for those in need”… all great things that I am more than happy to invest in.  Recently, there has been an abundance of government spending of tax dollars towards manufacturing, so I reach out to the masses and ask why it is necessary for this to occur?  Continue reading

Obama Grants $500 Million To Promote Innovation : New Technologies a Path to Job Creation?

Obama Manufacturing Grant

Investing in Manufacturing

President Obama announced a $500 Million initiative to promote innovation and technology jobs in emerging industries here in the U.S.  While many manufacturing jobs have left our shores in search of lower wages, this targeted approach focuses on high-tech, engineering based jobs that would be much less likely sent overseas through off-shoring. Continue reading