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Manufacturing Company Celebrates Recent Success At Mohegan Sun Casino

Manufacturing Company Celebrates At Mohegan SunOver the course of the past few months alone, ProfitKey has been fortunate to host, travel to, and even webcast numerous product demos.  This has been thanks to diligent and hard work by everyone on the PKI team; from the telemarketing efforts, to the great combination of sales and customer service, up through our diversely located business partners.  With all of the positive happenings going on in the world of ProfitKey, our annual ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ could not have come at a better time. Continue reading

What E-Marketing Means To The Baby Boomers

Manufacturing Marketing

When was the last time you saw this?

While I am feverishly trying to catch the most recent season of AMC’s award-winning Mad Men, I find myself taken aback by all of the subtleties in technology that people were forced to work with, simply because that is all they had.  It’s tough not to take technology today for granted.  When I look at the “baby boomer” generation and everything happening in the economy, it’s not a surprise that some may be battling to acclimate to these vast amounts of technological changes.  In manufacturing, we see an even slower transition due to the fact that people don’t like change especially when you replace an operator with a robot.  Think of the great press release I could send out today; “Efficiency and On Time Delivery 100% of the Time.” Continue reading

White Papers- Information at a Price?

As we are revamping our white paper program here, the debate has begun:  Should people have to provide information about their firstborn to receive a white paper?  Looking around the industry, it seems that most authors require a sign up to download the paper.  But why is that necessary?  As a marketer, adding barriers to convey a message seems counterproductive.  Seems that the necessity to provide your name, email address, etc. would make you feel like a target for potentially unwanted contact.  Most internet users have become accustomed to getting information they want, when they want it, with no strings attached.  However, marketers covet contact information as a source of potential sales, and many view the information in a white paper as a valuable ‘product’.  Therefore, they view your contact information as the ‘price you pay’ for that productGiving up the coveted contact information of a potential customer would be somewhat painful to many.  Continue reading