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Local ERP MRP Company to Speak at Governor’s Manufacturing Summit

On Thursday, October 11th 2012 from 8:00am to 1:00pm at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, New Hampshire, the Business and Industry Association of NH (BIA of NH) will serve host to the 10th annual Governor’s Advanced Manufacturing and High Technology Summit. Sponsored by Governor John Lynch, the summit is a great opportunity for local manufacturing businesses to hear from industry and technology professionals. Latest manufacturing trends and solutions, as well as networking with other manufacturing companies, will be conducted over in various workshops, seminars and discussions about the different industries. Continue reading

Finding the Key to Small Manufacturer’s Profits – Part 2

Written by P.J. Jakovljevic, Courtesy of Technology Evaluations Center ( TEC )

Part 1 of this blog series discussed the genesis of ProfitKey International, one of the longest-standing enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers for small to midsize discrete manufacturers that has never been merged with another peer product. After the protracted bankruptcy saga of its former parent company, HALO Technology Holdings, ProfitKey was recently bought out by Phoenix Asset Management, and is now keen on starting a new chapter.

What Is ProfitKey Exceptionally Good At? Continue reading

Finding the Key to Small Manufacturer’s Profits – Part 1 [A guest blog]

Written by P.J. Jakovljevic, Courtesy of Technology Evaluations Center ( TEC )

This article will start with a trivia question: please name the mid-market enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor that has existed the longest in the market with an ERP product that has never been merged with another product? In addition, the vendor and its product offerings have never been covered by TEC and myself. As a hint, the company was founded in 1979 and has always focused on discrete make-to-order (MTO) and engineer-to-order (ETO) manufacturing. Continue reading

“If I Could Do It All Over Again, I’d Do It Differently”

Do Over ButtonHow many times have you heard yourself mutter that under your breath?  Your ERP implementation is probably a good example, especially if you’ve been using the same system for several years.  You’ve thought of a much better scheme for part numbers; you’re stuck with the vestiges of four or five different attempts at setting up work centers, fully one-third of your parts no longer exist, and it’s nearly the same for your customers and vendors.  Continue reading

Boy Scout Uses Manufacturing Software To “Be Prepared” For Eagle Scouts

Boy Scout Uses Manufacturing SoftwareMy son, Owen, is a Life Scout in Troop 380, and is currently working on achieving the highest rank in Boy Scouts – Eagle Scout.  This requires a long path and a lot of effort, as he must earn at least 21 ‘Merit Badges’ (badges that teach certain skills).  The biggest piece of the rank, however, is a ‘Leadership Service Project’.

This project must be something in his church or community that benefits an organization in some way.  He must lead all the way through, from project selection to planning, fundraising, materials / service procurement and leadership during the execution of the actual project.  This is meant to help the young man grow in his ability to lead others toward a beneficial goal.  It has to be more than simply painting or repairing something, and usually involves some pretty involved construction. Continue reading

Do You Understand the Business Problem’s Your Manufacturing Company Faces?

Aerospace Manufacturing ERP

Know Your Shop Floor

Internal issues that many manufacturing companies face, often surround the idea that companies know the problems that lie in front of them, but they do not necessarily understand the root cause.  More importantly, they often do not know the crucial next steps in order to rectify and grow beyond these issues.  In past blogs, we’ve addressed this as an important factor in recognizing that a serious change needs to occur, but this article will attempt to dig deeper to understand whether or not your current point (manual) or automated solution is standing the test of time. Continue reading