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The Daunting ERP Search: How Do You Find the Right Fit For YOU?

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In our previous blog, ERP Consultants, we started to address the overwhelming issue of an ERP system search.  Whether you have the extra cash flow to hire a consultant or, you are bold enough to start the in-depth search on your own, you will be faced with many inquiries that you will need to address from the very start of the process.  Continue reading

Customization Series, 2 of 4: Costs of Customization

As mentioned in our previous customization blog, customization may not be as great as vendors may have you believe.  Although it may seem wonderful at first to customize ERP solutions, doing so can be cumbersome and expensive.  So before being sold on the glamour of customization, first consider the below myths and points on the potentially hidden costs of customization.  Continue reading

Customization Series, 1 of 4: Customization vs. Personalization

In today’s technology driven world, we as consumers have come to expect personalization and customization.  Take your cell phone for example.  You change the background picture, ring tones, menu items, case, even add certain pictures to contacts’ profiles so when they call you an embarrassing picture of them (that only you have) pops up.  You design your own T-shirt and have it printed, create your own shoes to have made, and more.  It’s fun, and makes you feel special.  People get all warm and fuzzy inside when they hear the word “customize” or “personalize” with a product they are considering for purchase.  And marketers know this and take advantage. 

Continue reading