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Manufacturers Taking a Chance on Your Oracle Server? Think Again.

Oracle Server ManufacturingIf you are in manufacturing, your inventory data, customer & prospect records, and all other databases on your server, are probably the most vital commodity to you, after what’s actually out on your shop floor.  After all is said and done, you want to sit back, relax (term used very lightly in manufacturing), and not have to worry that your extremely important server could crash from under you, and without warning.  Unfortunately, like any other tangible good, this can happen without proper maintenance.  These unexpected crashes are even more common in those manufacturers that are small to mid-sized (SMBs) who do not have the luxury of an IT (information technology) department and/or IT director.  There is good news, though.  There are opportunities to outsource professional services that can monitor your company’s technological behavior, on a daily basis, for tens of thousands less than it would take to hire a full-time staff member. Continue reading

Customization Series, 4 of 4: Behind the Scenes (or under the hood) of Customization of ERP Systems

As we have seen in our past blog entries on ERP system customization, there are many serious issues that must be carefully thought through when considering a modification to the core programs within your ERP system.  In this wrap-up on the topic, we will shed some light on the areas of infrastructure and code maintenance. Continue reading