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When Your Manufacturing ERP Research Goes In Circles, Get A Demo

Manufacturing Software Demo

    When buying a new car, how many countless hours have you spent doing research on numerous specs, analytics, future cost expectancies, etc. on top of gathering references from friends, colleagues, and industry professionals on their opinions?  Then, after all the blood, sweat and stress you’ve asserted you finally decide to test drive a few and suddenly… the choice has never been so clear.  When choosing a new software solution for your manufacturing company, whether it’s your first “ride” or you are looking to upgrade your current model, the decision making process can be quite similar and just as taxing. Continue reading

The Trap Of Procedural Inertial : A Manufacturing ERP White Paper

Don't get trapped in your manufacturing mindsetIf you mention inertia to a physicist, they’ll tell you it’s the tendency of mass to resist acceleration.  It’s the reason a loaded shopping cart is hard to get moving, and then even harder to stop, let alone turn.  Those of us who reside in the world of ERP implementation, however, know inertia can apply to a host of things beyond loaded shopping carts, and it can make those things just as hard to start, stop or change. Continue reading

3 Questions To Determine If A System Has Real-Time Capabilities

As stated in our White Paper discussing the buzz word “Real-Time”, many products and ERP vendors claim to have real-time capabilities.  The term is used in many different ways, and it can be confusing to understand what the realities are in specific systems.  To help you figure out and compare the real-time features of systems, we have come up with a question checklist below:

Continue reading

White Papers- Information at a Price?

As we are revamping our white paper program here, the debate has begun:  Should people have to provide information about their firstborn to receive a white paper?  Looking around the industry, it seems that most authors require a sign up to download the paper.  But why is that necessary?  As a marketer, adding barriers to convey a message seems counterproductive.  Seems that the necessity to provide your name, email address, etc. would make you feel like a target for potentially unwanted contact.  Most internet users have become accustomed to getting information they want, when they want it, with no strings attached.  However, marketers covet contact information as a source of potential sales, and many view the information in a white paper as a valuable ‘product’.  Therefore, they view your contact information as the ‘price you pay’ for that productGiving up the coveted contact information of a potential customer would be somewhat painful to many.  Continue reading