Capital Equipment Management

ProfitKey International is the industry leader in providing ERP software solutions for the small to medium-sized companies in the Capital Equipment Manufacturing Industry.

We provide best-in-class solutions for this demanding market with ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) and MES software that give the edge to manufacturers with innovation, high speed, low price and unparalleled flexibility – without the overhead and cost of an immense ERP system.

Capital Equipment Management Case Study


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Beyond the unique challenges you face each day, you must manage your customers’ complex engineering requirements; their demands for continually higher quality; lower costs and ever-shortening lead times.  With ProfitKey’s RRM, you will gain control of your shop floor and your production schedule, and you will meet your promised deliveries – all while effortlessly capturing real-time material and labor job costs.

Capital Equipment Manufacturing ERP

ProfitKey’s RRM Solution: The tools you need to efficiently run your shop and keep costs under control at a price that’s right for everyone.