Classroom ERP Training Course Descriptions

The following courses are available at our offices in Salem, New Hampshire or on-site.


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Capacity Management
ProfitKey’s Capacity Management Course is a comprehensive, two (2) day hands-on course that covers a number of subjects including concepts of capacity management, database setup, identifying and managing production bottlenecks and techniques for order scheduling and rescheduling.


Costing is a two (2) day comprehensive session designed to review costing methods available with the RRM product. Theory and practical costing processes are discussed.


Custom Manufacturing
Our CM course is an All-Inclusive four (4) day course that follows the core RRM system through the entire order flow, including Estimating, Engineering, Order Processing, Purchasing, Scheduling, Receiving and Shipping. This course is required for all new customers.


ProfitKey’s Financials Course is a complete two (2) day hands-on course of the integrated General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules.


Materials Management
This two (2) day course covers MRP, Master Scheduling and Materials Planning.


Database Schema and Data Mining
ProfitKey’s ODBC Data Mining Course is a one (1) or two (2) day, comprehensive hands-on course for tapping into the ProfitKey Database Schema. The course involves hands-on use of ODBC links to ProfitKey data, building several examples of queries, gaining complexity along the way.


This two (2) day course teaches the user how to identify planned or actual manufacturing material requirements; issue Request for Quotation, Blanket Orders and/or Purchase Orders, and to provide for the linking of work order generated requirements to specific deliveries.


Team Problem Solving Techniques
This two (2) day course will teach the most common techniques that help teams to focus on the process, not the people. The workshop portion will focus on a set of examples that will furnish hands on experience relative to some actual problems and their resolution, using team problem solving techniques.


RRM Quality
This two (2) day course takes you through the RRM Quality module, from maintenance of custom sample plans to incoming and in-process inspection. Cause and Corrective Action is also covered, as is quality reporting.