Capacity Management Training


ProfitKey’s Capacity Management Course is a comprehensive, two-day hands-on seminar.


Who Should Attend

Managers or Specialists who will use the ProfitKey system to schedule or have the need to know how PKI scheduling functions can impact business results.


Major Topics Covered

  • Concepts of capacity management embraced by ProfitKey
  • Specifics of database setup for scheduling
  • Use of ProfitKey reports and screens to identify and manage production bottlenecks, order and shop floor status
  • Manage load and capacity
  • Techniques for order scheduling and rescheduling
  • Guidelines for implementing capacity management in your shop



$1195 for the first person from your company.
$995 for each additional person.


Class Schedule


Day 1

  • Scheduling and Common Sense Concepts – Finite and Infinite
  • Database Considerations – how to set up work centers, global switches, etc.
  • Order Scheduling – use of availability check
  • Rescheduling – dispatching an order (work center or plant-wide/global), off-loading operations


Day 2

  • Order and Shop Monitoring – use of key reports, such as Work Center Dispatch, Work Center Capacity, and Work Center Bottlenecks.
  • Capacity Management Process-setting up a management system to use PKI tools.
  • 25 Key Factors Affecting Scheduling
  • RRM Query – Efficiency Report Demonstration