Costing Training


One and two day comprehensive sessions designed to review costing methods available with the RRM product. Theory and practical costing processes are discussed.


Who Should Attend

It is recommended that new users attend Costing classes as early as possible during initial system implementation. Doing so may facilitate the decision process of selecting a costing method best suitable for your business.


Major Topics Covered

  • Job Definition (Order Routing Bill)
  • How material costing works
  • Setting system variables
  • Material cost in the item master file
  • Estimate versus Actual Material Costing
  • System processing / impacts cost
  • Manual cost updates / impact cost
  • Costing reports
  • Operation costing / how operation costing works



$1,195 for the first person from your company.
$995 for each additional person.


Class Schedule


Day 1

  • How RRM Material Costing Works
    • Costing Flow Chart
    • Cost Occurrence Records
    • Cost Distribution Records
    • Cost at Purchase Price or Invoice
    • Purchase Order Linking Non-LIFO/FIFO
  • Setting the System Variables
    • Mfg/Job Shop Variables
    • Scheduling Variables
  • Material Cost in the Item Master File
    • The Item Cost Screen
    • Product Structure Cost
  • Estimate versus Actual Material Costing
    • Where the system Looks!
    • Mirroring
    • Returns
  • System Processing / Impacting Cost
    • Closing Programs – Why and when to execute (job/lot, shop order, purchase order)
    • Cost Distribution No Closing
    • Period Tasks – Zero Out Year-to-Date Cost Field
  • Manual Cost Updates / Impact Cost
    • Non-LIFO/FIFO – The Actual Cost Update for Materials Program
    • Non-LIFO/FIFO – The Requirements Cost Detail
    • The LIFO/FIFO Maintenance Program
  • Costing Reports
    • Inventory Costing Reports
    • Shop Order / Job Performance Reports
    • Exception Reports
    • LIFO/FIFO Candidate List Report
  • Setting the System Variables
    • Mfg/Job Shop Variables
    • Scheduling Variables

Day 2

  • Operation Costing / How Operation Costing Works
    • Detail Discussion of the System Variables Related to Operation Costing
    • Set up Mfg/Job Shop Variables
    • Set up Labor Reporting Variables
  • Setting Up Work Centers/ Work Center Maintenance Cost Fields
    • Review and Discussion of all Work Center Fields / Impact on Costing
  • External Work Centers
    • Recommendations on Outside Work Center Processing
    • Service Type Material Records in the Product Structure
    • Purchase Orders / Costs Related to Outside Processing
  • Labor Reporting
    • Discussions on How Labor Reporting Affects Costing
    • Work Order Cost Adjustment Program (If Employee Pay Rate is used)
  • Work Shop Session
    • Comprehensive Pilot Workshop Designed to Demonstrate Non-LIFO/FIFO and LIFO/FIFO Costing. Shop Orders and Job/Lots are Processed During the Pilot. Costing Process is Reviewed. Class Participants See First Hand How to Apply Methods Learned in Class.