Custom Manufacturing Training


The ProfitKey system is a powerful, comprehensive management tool that will help users plan, schedule and control their shops. This course describes the basic approach used by ProfitKey to enable users to achieve accurate costing, higher machine and manpower utilization, improved deliveries, and increased cash flow.
The basics of the ProfitKey scheduling and control functions are best described including the major steps involved with processing an order, defining the operations and material requirements, establishing scheduling, releasing the order, issuing materials, labor reporting, and closing the order when finished.
ProfitKey’s Custom Manufacturing Course provides a complete four (4) day hands-on overview of custom and standard product order life cycles (step-by-step) from estimating and scheduling through shipping and invoicing.


Who Should Attend

Implementation Project Managers, Key Project Team Personnel.


Major Topics Covered

  • Estimating
  • Customer Order Processing (Entry, Shipping, Invoicing)
  • Job Definition (Order Routing Bill)
  • Standard Product (Bills of Material and Routing)
  • Job/Lot and Shop Order
  • Scheduling, Tracking and Costing
  • Purchasing
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Inventory Control


$2,395 for the first person from your company.
$1,795 for each additional person.


Class Schedule


Day 1

  • Administrative Preliminaries
  • Introductions
  • Course Objectives
  • System Variables – Brief Overview
  • Matrices – Brief Overview
  • Basic Database Files – IM, RT & PS-Part Numbers, Routings and Bills of Materials (ORB)
  • WC-Work Centers
  • CU-Customers
  • VN-Vendors
  • EM-Employees
  • Costing Options
  • Order Cycle Overview

Day 2

  • Review order Cycle Overview
  • Order Entry – Discuss OE variables in more detail here
  • Engineers Workbench – Discuss Mfg/Job Shop variables in more detail here
  • Planners Workbench
  • Scheduling – Discuss Scheduling variables
  • Purchasing (abbreviated version)
  • Purchase Receipts
  • Material Issues
  • Labor Reporting – Review Labor Reporting variables
  • Material Receipts
  • Shipping & Invoicing
  • Inquiries
  • Recap Order Cycle

Day 3

  • Review Order Cycle
  • Selected System Administration Topics
  • Set Up Custom Menu for Order Cycle
  • Job Definition Workbench
  • Introduce intermediate topics as indicated by class interests
  • Single Level Example – Order Entry through Shipments
  • Multi Level Example – Emphasis on creating/editing multi-level structure
  • Recap Order Cycle

Day 4

  • Review Order Cycle
  • Case Study
    • On-Your-Own
    • Multi-Level Order Cycle
  • Optional Topics-depending on time and class interest
    • Estimating
    • MRP
  • Implementation Issues (extensive discussions of customer-specific issues are difficult unless the class is composed of students from one company, or companies with similar needs)
  • Q & A