ODBC Data Mining Training


ProfitKey’s ODBC Data Mining Course is a one-day, comprehensive hands-on seminar for the beginning Microsoft Access user. The course has hands-on use of Microsoft Access and ODBC links to ProfitKey data, building several examples of queries, gaining complexity along the way.
Users will have hands-on exercises, and wrap up the day with the chance to build a query and report they may wish to take home and utilize on their own ProfitKey system.
An optional second day of advanced training is also offered.


Who Should Attend

ProfitKey users wishing to get ProfitKey data into a Microsoft Access database for reporting purposes.


Major Topics Covered

  • Creating Local Tables
  • Linking to Remote Tables
  • Building Queries
  • Field Selection
  • Searching and Sorting of Records
  • Display of Data in Column and Report Formats



$1,195 for the first person from your company.
$995 for each additional person.


Class Schedule


Day 1

  • What is an Access Database?
  • Moving Around in an Access Database.
  • Viewing Information in the Database.
  • Searching for Specific Information in the Database.
  • Making Changes in Local Tables.
  • Reporting the Results of a Table or Query.
  • Q & A.

Day 2

The Advanced ODBC Data Mining Course will cover ODBC security, the query development process of multiple tables, multiple queries, reports, sub-reports, as well as multiple “parent-child” files, “sibling” searches, the IF….THEN….ELSE… conditions, and mixing of local tables with linked table data. It will utilize extensive Microsoft Access examples to demonstrate the effects of these advanced techniques. Microsoft Excel and Seagate Crystal Reports will also be used to show their ability for ODBC data reporting.

  • Creating a New Database.
  • Linking ProfitKey data tables.
  • Building Queries With Linked Tables.
  • Creation of Math Fields in Queries.
  • Building Custom Reports for Your Data.
  • Microsoft Access Macros.
  • Q & A