Manufacturing Purchasing Training


The revised Purchasing module is designed to familiarize users with functions, relationships and requirements. The course encompasses the full range of activities required in the procurement process.
The course teaches the user how to identify planned or actual manufacturing material requirements; issue Request for Quotation, Blanket Orders and/or Purchase Orders; and to provide for the linking of work order generated requirements to specific deliveries. The Purchase Order receipts function is discussed, as well as order kiting and material dispatch upon receipt, along with the actual material cost flowing to specific work orders, and the interface to A/P invoicing as well as closing and purging.


Who Should Attend

Implementation Project Managers, Purchasing Agents and Buyers, Material Control Personnel.


Major Topics Covered

  • System Configuration and Setup
  • Master File Maintenance
  • Item/Vendor Relationships
  • Purchasing Workbench ( R )
  • Certs and Memos
  • Order Linking
  • Request for Quotation
  • Commodity and Marking Codes
  • Print Control Files
  • Printing POs and RFQs
  • Reports and Their Use
  • Purchasing Order Receiving
  • Purchase Order Invoicing
  • Cost Updating
  • Closing and Purging


$1,195 for the first person from your company.
$995 for each additional person.


Class Schedule


Day 1

  • Overview of ProfitKey’s Purchasing Function
    • Purpose
    • Scope
  • System Setup – Set Variables
    • Manufacturing Job-Shop
    • Purchasing
    • Scheduling
  • System Setup – Master Files
    • Vendor
    • Item Master
    • Standard Note
    • Item Vendor Relationship
    • Matrix Table

Day 2

  • Work Bench Functions
    • RFQ WorkBench
    • Purchasing WorkBench
    • Service WorkBench
    • Blanket Order WorkBench
  • Planning/Execution
    • Preparation
    • Identifying Exceptions
    • Processing, Standard, Miscellaneous, & Expense orders
    • Exception Management-Expediting
    • Follow-up
  • Receiving and Invoices
    • PO receipts-Inventory
    • Accounts Payable Invoices
    • Reports