CRM System

SuperOffice CRM is a flexible and scalable CRM solution offering rich functionality within Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Office Automation, CRM reporting and analysis.

CRM Application Framework

      • Office Automation

– Generalization and archiving documents

– Integration to web pages

– Synchronization with wireless devices

– Integrates seamlessly with MS Office, Outlook/Exchange, Lotus Notes and Smartsuite, StarOffice and other office automation tools.


      • Document Management

Integration to virtually any document management system (DMS) through plug in architecture.


      • Workflow

SupperOffice CRM supports the definition of the predefined procedures, processes and methodologies. This provides the user with a clear perspective as to the status of a clear sales opportunity, marketing campaign or project.


    • Industry Solutions

Available in various industry solutions including: manufacturing /distribution, automotive, legal, insurance, public services, financial pharmaceuticals, consulting services and building construction.


    • Customer Panorama

Ability to bring relevant information from all your systems together providing a complete picture of the customer within the SuperOffice user office interface resulting in a 360 degree view of your customer relationship.


    • Business Intelligence

A range of standard tailored reporting capabilities within activity management, opportunity management, campaigns, projects etc. For data analysis capabilities, SuperOffice offers TARGIT, a powerful business intelligence solution with a predefined CRM data warehouse model.


    • Implementation and education Services

A full range of services related to SupperOffice CRM are available. The SupperOffice CRM Implementation Method is a custom designed methodology based on 14 years of experience.


    • CRM Application Framework Developer Tools

Available for partners and customers to build enhanced and customized solutions.


    • Customer Data Integration

SupperOffice meets business capital synchronization demands through the CRM Application Framework. A comprehensive set of tools are available to suit individual needs as well as a number of predefined link modules.


    • Integration and Customer Data Services

Exclusively offered by certified SupperOffice Partners.


    • Portals and eBusiness

SupperOffice CRM offers the ability to integrate seamlessly into various portal solutions, including intranet, extranets and customer portals.