Customer Portal w/EDI

The RRM eCommerce Customer Portal Module enables your customers to view the following via the internet: The Status of their orders with drill down to order details, currently scheduled delivery date(s), availability of items/parts in inventory.

RRM Software Customer Portal w/EDI

Software Modules Included:

  • Customer Portal WEB Server Software
      • Administration of Customer’s Login ID & Password.
    • Customizable scrolling messages to greet your customers.
    • Extendable intranet allows you to add your own pages and functions from portal – Customizable WEB Pages for your company and each customer.
    • Separate WEB pages for each portal function.
  • Customer Portal Snapshot Database Server Software
    • Snapshot database prevents direct internet access to your live ProfitKey database.
    • Database holds a snapshot of portal information available for customer view via the Internet.
    • The frequency of reloading the Snapshot Database is controlled by you, not by your customer.
    • Tracks last date of your customer visit to your portal.
  • Internet Environment
    • Portal WEB Server can be accessed from your Main WEB site with a hyper link (Optional).
    • Firewall recommended (firmware or software).
    • Domain Name or IP address required for access to Customer Portal WEB server.

Computing Environment:

  • Customer Portal WEB Computer Server
    • A separate in-house W/2000 or 2003 Server is required
    • Latest Service Pack installed.
    • Active Server Pages enabled.
    • Oracle client software installed with licenses for number of users accessing the site.
    • Oracle ODBC driver installed.
    • Operate as a node on the same LAN as the RRM ProfitKey Live database(s).
  • Customer Portal Snapshot Database Server
    • Snapshot Database can be installed on an AIX, W/2003 or Linux computer. It can be a separate server or reside on the Portal WEB or RRM live db servers.
    • Operate as a node on the same LAN as the RRM ProfitKey live data-base(s).
    • Oracle RDBMS Server software is required.
        Available For RRM Version 7 Client/Server System.

Note: All three software components may reside on the same server as long as the web server is a W/ 2003 server.

    E D I Options:

  • EDI Transaction Interface Module

Standard EDT Interface modules include:
Outbound 810          Invoices
Inbound 830/862     Planning Schedule With Release
Indound 850            Purchase Orders
Outbound 856         Ship Notice Manifest
(provided by EDT Options using 810)

EDT Options, Inc. Package – Software and services provided by EDT Options, Inc., a firm specializing in EDT services. Includes the following and is licensed under an EDT Options contract. Management Software module is maintained under EDT Options warranty/maintenance.

EDT Management Software
Custom software engineering as needed.
Trading Partner Setup
Audit Trail & custom reporting
ODBC Data Mapping
EDT Communications
Bridging to ProfitKey database(s)
Value Added Network Services.