DBAudit Expert

DBAudit Expert from SoftTree Technologies allows end users to setup auditing triggers in Oracle and SQL Server databases, without a DBA or extensive database knowledge.

      The simple interface allows system administrators to configure audit trails for any table or column in the database with a few clicks of the mouse, whether the user desires to monitor who makes specific changes in RRM application, or they wish to monitor for illicit changes from third party applications.

    Features include:

  • Simple, point and click interface
  • Select individual tables or all
  • Select individual columns or all
  • Select specific transactions (insert, update, delete) or all
  • Select specific users to monitor (or NOT to monitor)
  • Select specific applications to monitor (or NOT to monitor)
  • When updates are monitored, audit trail reports include OLD versus NEW values for columns changed
  • Track PC, network users, application name, date/time of change