Integrated Engineering Change Management System (ECM)

Engineering provides the ability to enter all resources (capacity, materials, tooling, etc.) into a single or multilevel bill of resources.

Integrated Engineering Change Management System (ECM)
  • Uses intuitive “Drag & Drop” technology to quickly build or copy Bill of Material and Routings.
  • Organizes all material, labor, and tool costs related to the item.
  • Relates materials, tools, and outside services to specific operation schedules.
  • Copies single and multilevel BOM and Routings from other parts or work order actuals.
  • Graphical display of routing, and BOM on one screen.
  • Integrated Document Management allows multiple documents per inventory item and routing operation.

  • Provides global updates, mass changes, and delete capabilities.
  • Copies and costs Bills of Material.
  • Unlimited notes can be applied to items
  • Multiple units of measure.
  • Up to 30 user defined fields.
  • Integrated Engineering Change Management System (ECM)