Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing ERP Software

ProfitKey International, the recognized leader in ERP software solutions for the Aerospace and Defense Industry (A&D), understands the stringent demands placed on you – not only by your customers – but by a host of regulatory agencies. ProfitKey's RRM (Rapid Response Manufacturing) gives A&D manufacturers the specific project management functionality, tight cost constraints, vigorous quality management and material traceability you need to maintain your edge over your competition. We give you tools such as detailed audit trails, multi-level bills of materials and material and lot control so you can access real-time information, maintain complete job control and manage your capacity and scheduling as well as production and inventory control. Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing ERP Software ProfitKey has helped its A&D customers through the compliance process and meet the strict requirements of ISO/AS9001 using ProfitKey’s all-inclusive RRM Quality Management solution. ProfitKey's RRM Solution:  The tools you need to efficiently run your shop and keep costs under control at a price that’s right for everyone.