ERP Implementation Case Studies

Schneider Packaging Equipment ERP Case Study

Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc.
An ISO 9001 company, Schneider Packaging Equipment Company manufactures a complete line of case and tray packing equipment, along with robotic and gantry palletizing systems offering complete “end-of-line” solutions. Full Case Study


HotWatt ERP Case Study


Hotwatt, established in 1952, began with the manufacturing of one product, the open coil heating element. Since then Hotwatt has expanded their product line to include cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters. They are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of resistance heating elements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications. In addition, they can supply compatible accessory items which enable them to offer a complete heater system.Full Case Study


Janos Technology Enterprise Resource Planning Case Study

Janos Technology

Janos Technology, Inc. is a world leader in advanced infrared optical components and assemblies. Combining opto-mechanical design, automated equipment in fabrication and coating, and extensive metrology capabilities, Janos provides high performance optical solutions across a broad IR spectrum. Certified to MIL-STD specifications, Janos provides thermal imaging lens assemblies in MWIR and LWIR, complex collimators, missile seeker heads, optical components and assemblies for Defense, Security/Surveillance, Commercial and Research. Full Case Study


Taylor Forge Engineered Systems ERP Software Case Study


Taylor Forge Engineered Systems

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of large steel fabricated products for the energy, chemical, and aerospace industries. Products include gas pipeline components, pressure vessels, extruded connections, nuclear components, and packages for offshore platforms. A large percentage of their business is exported, with equipment installed in over thirty countries around the world. Full Case Study.