Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop ERP Software

ProfitKey International is the industry leader in providing ERP software solutions for the small to medium-sized companies in the Fabricated Metals Manufacturing Industry.

ProfitKey is dedicated to continually improving its technological leadership by providing the right solutions for this demanding market. Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) and MES software solutions give the edge to manufacturers like you with innovation, high speed, low price and unparalleled flexibility – without the overhead and cost of an immense ERP system.

Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop ERP Case Study


Read how ProfitKey provided the tools to track and analyze. Read Case Study.

Your industry in particular places explicit demand and increases the requirements on ERP solutions.  You operate in a world where if you don’t meet your customers’ demands for continually higher quality, lower costs and ever-shortening lead times, you’ll lose their business.  With ProfitKey’s RRM, you will quickly generate accurate quotes so you not only win jobs – you win the right jobs.

Metal Fabrication & Machine Shop ERP Software

The fully integrated database with its ease of input and recovery will mark the end of redundant data entry, overwhelming paper trails and systems of unrelated spreadsheets and databases. You will gain control of your shop floor and your production schedule, and you will meet your promised deliveries – all while effortlessly capturing real-time material and labor job costs.

ProfitKey’s RRM Solution: The tools you need to efficiently run your shop and keep costs under control at a price that’s right for everyone.