ERP Services & Software

ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM), originally developed 34+ years ago for the small to mid-sized manufacturer and job shop type environments, has evolved through the years into a fully integrated, real-time ERP (enterprise resource planning) system.  Our RRM system also includes MRP (materials requirements planning), quality management, and MES (manufacturing execution system) that can provide the following benefits to any ETO (engineer to order), MTO (make to order), MTS (make to stock), or mixed-mode manufacturer:

  • Improved visibility throughout the entire enterprise
  • Better visibility of inventory levels, receipts, shipments and issues to jobs
  • Real-time updates throughout the system when changes are made anywhere in the system
  • Real-time order status on the floor
  • Exception-based reporting for inventory, scheduling, purchasing and financials
  • Fully integrated Quality and nonconformance / defect tracking
  • Serial number / control lot tracking
  • Real-time shop floor reporting with on-line documentation – can use bar code scanners, RFID badges, touch-screens, etc
  • Paperless dispatching
  • Track cost and projected delivery exceptions while job is in process

Typical results from our users include:

  • On-time delivery above 95%
  • Reduction in carried inventory of 25% or more
  • Improved cash flow due to time phased purchasing of materials
  • Improvement in inventory accuracy
  • Improved supplier rating due to integrated Quality Management system