Hotwatt Manufacturing ERP Software Case Study

Hotwatt Heaters ERP Case Study

Hotwatt established in 1952, began with the manufacturing of one product, the open coil heating element, Since them, Hotwatt has expanded their product line to include cartridge, air prose, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foo, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters, They are dedicated to the design and manufacturing of resistance heating elements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications In addition they can supply compatible accessory items which enable them to offer a complete heater system.

Hotwatt Manufacturing ERPThe produce high quality products and services for a variety of industries, including industrial, commerical and military.

According to Debbie Vaillancourt, IT manager, “There is not a department in the company that has not been great implicated by us purchasing RRM. The production floor clocks in and out using RRM. This information’s sent to ADP so there are no more time clocks The production floor can enter labor as it is happening so the Sales Department an now accurately quote jobs. We have dramatically increased the accuracy of our Inventory and decreased the time taking our inventory.

Heater Manufacturing ERP Case StudyOur Production Department can locate the job on the floor in seconds without leaving their sear Every employee can port all needed reports at their desk instead of relying on the computer room Each department has been given a tool that has changed how we do business.”

Hotwatt Manufacturing ERP Software Case Study


For the first time, Hotwatt can now tell exactly what it is costing to product each part.






  • By using Document management, Hotwatt has benefited in many ways….
  • Instant access to information; customers wait less, handle more customers with the same number of support staff.
  • Savings on paper, staples, paperclips, file folders, file boxes.
  • Saved time not filing and re-filing all paperwork.
  • Groups share digital files more easily and send via e-mail in seconds.
  • Gained space after elimination of file cabinets
  • Electronic backup of all paperwork.

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