Import/Export ERP Software Module

The Import/Export module provides the tools to transfer information into and out of select tables within the Rapid Response Manufacturing ProfitKey ERP database and interface to a wide variety of other tools, programs, and systems.

  • The Import function provides a means to update or replace data already in your ERP database or add data that originated elsewhere. The Export function provides a means of copying data from your ERP database to an Output file that can then
    be used to update, replace, or add data to another database.
  • During the initial implementation of your ERP system, Import/Export can be used to transfer your existing manufacturing and financial data to the ERP database, without having to re enter the information. This can save you a considerable
    amount of time and can significantly reduce many common data entry errors.

  • Import/Export provides the following:
  • Minimizes re keying of data during implementation, when converting to the ERP
    system (for example, item masters, bills of material, routing, etc.).
  • Eliminates the need for duplicate data entry when multiple ERP databases that contain some common data are maintained
  • Allows thirdparty software products to be used in conjunction with Rapid Response Manufacturing, by passing applicable data back and forth
  • Provides an audit/output file indicating data that was successfully or unsuccessfully transferred, as well as error messages where applicable
  • Allows for ongoing interfacing between implemented inhouse systems and Rapid
    Response Manufacturing
  • Provides input and output files in standard ASCII format
  • Contains APIs (Application Program Interfaces) allowing the population of interface tables with third party data, for import into the ProfitKey database either manually or by a scheduled daemon.