ERP Software Solutions for Discrete Manufacturers

ProfitKey International is the industry leader in providing ERP software solutions to discrete manufacturers for over thirty years.  Our Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) solutions provide industry-specific business software solutions to thousands of companies.  This robust software has been proven over time and we have devoted the necessary resources to keep up with our customers’ demands.

For over 35 years ProfitKey has innovated the ERP software industry to help take our customers to the next level.  ProfitKey can provide your organization with the tools to help you manage rapid growth, provide the right tools to efficiently plan, assemble, ship and deliver the goods your customers want, when they want them, become more efficient, more profitable, and realize your business vision, all at an affordable price.

It is our commitment to work with each manufacturer to provide solutions that help. These solutions enable manufacturers to remain competitive, operate efficiently, and exceed customer expectations.

Whether providing manufacturing solutions from packaging equipment to cabinetry or from circuit boards to medical equipment, our software is the driving force behind some of the most successful mid-size manufacturers in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our vertical markets include:

By delivering solutions built around the business of manufacturing, our customers can improve the way they do business – from the front office to the shop floor.