Job Tracking and Costing

Use Job Tracking and Costing to enter, define, plan, control, and monitor specific jobs. It saves time on the shop floor and improves productivity by integrating work order information with other areas of the RRM system.

job tracking and costing

    • Flexible, user/object based security allows each user customized visibility and access.
    • Sales order form acts as a central clearinghouse for information on all aspects of each sales order and all associated work orders supporting that sales order.
    • Tracks actual, as compared to estimated and standard costs for material, setup, labor, overhead, one time charges and outside processing on a job by job basis.
    • Projects finish dates based on current material availability and finite or infinite capacity.

  • Multiple reports are available; for dispatch and analysis of costs, utilization, efficiency and capacity.
  • Maintains item unit cost information, broken down into materials, labor, and burden.
  • Supports standard, average, frozen standard, last actual, LIFO and FIFO costing methods for inventory valuation.
  • Projects final cost of job based on reported labor throughout the manufacturing cycle.
  • Maintains detailed historical costs and performance data.
  • Track By Product Inventory and Cost.
  • Material requirements by job.
  • Routings and materials can be customized by job/lot.