ProfitKey’s Kanban module, coupled with the industry’s most versatile real-time material backflush system, is the first component in the software’s Lean initiative. Designed to replace the typical card system, the Kanban module Marries the reaction time of automation with the simplicity that is the heart of Kanban.


  • With no more effort than pulling a standard card, users can send material PO releases to vendors via email
  • Create, release and dispatch virtual work orders to produce fabricated items
  • Have material transferred from stores to point-of-use locations.

  • Automated process allows the Kanban module to produce the same reactions by simply recognizing when any of up to a thousand locations for an item have reached their reorder points.
  • Remembers the originating location of each replenishment request and directs the replenishing material to that point using intuitive user windows that reduce non-value-added activity
  • Records all aspects of replenishment requests, reactions and fulfillments for use in analysis and demand forecasting.