Manufacturing Management

RRM Manufacturing Management allow you to view shop floor status, see in-process jobs and view bottlenecks, all in real-time.

Manufacturing Management System (MMS)

  • Electronic dispatching, using ‘Drag and Drop’, allow you to instantly move work from one station to another,  allowing you to dispatch on-the-fly, without the need for paper dispatch lists – the RapidMES kiosks on the shop floor instantly assign the correct job to the operator.
  • Manual override of work order queues dispatches the correct job out to the RapidMES kiosk for ‘rush’ orders.
  • Operations Monitor provides visibility to activity on the shop floor, indluding notifications of ‘Down’ and ‘Rework’ conditions.
  • Labor and Work Center efficiency and utilization reporting.
  • Complete Capacity Management, including Work Center Grouping, Cellular Manufacturing, Labor Constraints and more.