Material Resource Planning Software (MRP Software)

Materials Planning maintains a manufacturing build schedule or forecast for selected make-to-stock items, manufactured components, or generic items.

Material Resource Planning Software

    • Reviews inventory transactions for any item.
    • Provides single and multi-level Bills of Material and where-used inquiries.
    • Provides detailed information about master schedules and ordering data for items via the
    • Master Scheduler’s report.
    • Uses time-phased netting to display Master Scheduler’s Workbench® information regarding how closely requirements and orders are balanced.
    • Allows master schedule firm planned orders to be automatically created based on the master schedule for an item, when used with the MRP.
    • Provides numerous Purchase Order/Vendor information reports to assist in the analysis of purchase orders and related vendor data.

  • Generates material requirements through every level of the product structure.
  • Tailors planned order quantities to the order policy selected in the Item Master file.
  • Provides Work Center Capacity Reports that include planned and firmed load when used with the Loading & Scheduling module.
  • Supports an interactive planners workbench that provides real-time exception reconciliation.
  • Facilitates establishing, reviewing, and changing master schedules and plans for obtaining or producing items.
  • Calculates available-to-promise figures weekly, considering both independent and dependent demand.
  • Establishes and maintains multiple master schedules to facilitate “what-if” analysis in conjunction with the MRP module.
  • Manages planned orders, master scheduled firm planned orders, shop orders, and purchase orders.
  • Verifies availability of components prior to releasing an order.
  • Suggests modifications to match supply and demand closely through action messages.
  • Traces specific sources of item requirements.