ProfitKey International utilizes Channel, Strategic and Technology Partners.

Channel Partners – Extending ProfitKey’s Sales, Service and Support

Channel Partners are selected for their application software, implementation, support, and marketing expertise as well as their territory location.  Different levels of involvement are available, and the best benefits in the industry are offered through the ProfitKey Partner Program.  Channel Partners may be Strategic Partners if they have also developed ‘Best of Breed’ manufacturing applications that fit within ProfitKey’s product lines.


Strategic Partners – Expanding the ProfitKey Product

Strategic Partners are selected for their ‘Best of Breed’ software that can be easily integrated with ProfitKey ERP and MES modules in an open RDBMS environment (Oracle and MS SQL Server).  ProfitKey works closely with their Strategic Partners to provide a true real-time integrated solution.


Technology Partners – Expertise for the ProfitKey Customer

ProfitKey and their Technology Partners provide the necessary tools that make for a complete solution in today’s versatile market.  Technology Partners are industry leading companies that bring total product solutions, and they are selected because they provide software tools to ProfitKey customers.