Purchasing Management Software

Purchasing provides the ability to monitor and control the acquisition process for purchased raw materials, parts, and services.

Purchasing Management Software
    • Fully integrated with Planning, Inventory and Accounts Payable.
    • Uses time phased netting to balance supply and demand for all items.
    • Cross reference internal part numbers to manufacturers’.
    • Suggests action message modifications to match supply and demand.
    • Multiple parts and deliveries per PO.
    • Maintains fully pegged item requirements.
    • Contains full inventory transaction access.
    • Auto generate purchase order for all requirements for a work order or group of work orders
    • Ability to create purchase orders for non inventory parts and services.

  • Maintains preferred vendors by item, including quoted prices and memos for purchase orders.
  • Links purchase order line items to specific work orders, customer orders, and other purchase orders.
  • Supports purchase requisitions.
  • Can be made to automatically issue material to a job upon receipt
  • Provides detailed information about vendors, purchase order status, costs, and returned parts receipts through extensive reporting.
  • Provides numerous Purchase Order/Vendor information reports to analyze purchase orders and related vendor data.
  • Allows multiple PO formats.
  • Supports requests for quotations.
  • Provides extensive note capability.
  • Receive all lines on a PO if desired.
  • Create purchase orders for non inventory items and services
  • Multiple Ship to and Bill to and Sold to addresses per purchase order.
  • Auto generate purchased orders by work order.
  • Ability to receive entire purchase order