Quality Management

ProfitKey’s Cause and Corrective Action provides defect tracking from initial reporting through corrective and preventive action. Users work from “Electronic To Do Lists” based on input from the shop floor or inventory transactions.  Quality management provides users with the ability to perform inspections against parts, serialized or not, and provide details of what defects were found in an inspection sample.

Quality Management ERP Software



  • User Definable Defect Codes
  • User Definable Cause Codes
  • To Do lists based on RRM User ID
  • Corrective Action Assignment by User ID
  • Preventive Action assignment by User ID
  • Pareto Analysis by Number and Frequency of Defect Reports
  • Electronic Folders for document storage against Non-Conformance Reports
  • User defined field against Non-conformance Reports
  • Defect Recurrence Reporting
  • Non-conformance reporting can be entered from Purchase Order Receipts, Customer Order Returns, Inventory Adjustments, Rapid MES and Shop Floor Data Labor Collection.

User Definable Sampling Plan Library

  • User definable sample plans – Single Normal with 3 Level Sampling
  • Specify which operators can perform which inspection types
  • Enforce “positive control” over progress of work from inspection operation Capture details of who performed what action
  • Allow ‘Quality Manager’ override of any inspection result

Inspection Type Master

  • Selectable Type of Inspection to be preformed (Piece, Final, Process)
  • Inspection User Defined Fields (UDF) allow the Capture of inspection specific data during inspection Select whether Inspection is sampled or 100%

Specify Incoming Inspection Criteria by Supplier and Item

  • Ability to set up default inspection frequency, allowing for multi-tier inspection frequencies. Automatic promotion of supplier to reduced, ‘skip-lot’, and certified status based on pre-defined rules and supplier performance

Electronic Inspection To-Do List and Workflow Management

Integration with Rapid MES and Engineering

  • Ability to mark an operation/routing as inspection
  • Add inspection specifications to routing marked as inspection
  • Within MES allow rework of defects recorded within an inspection record System and Item level defect location

Defect Reporting

  • Ability to log multiple defects against serialized items or items in lots, whether Control Lot Numbers are required or not Create Non-conformance report on the fly Internal and Supplier Defects Per Million Reports Supplier and Work order Inspection Detail Reports