Return Material Authorization Software (RMA Software)

Return Material authorization (RMA) allows customers to control the return of goods to their facility, provide details as to the reason for return, and interface to the RRM Cause and Corrective Action system.


Return Material Authorization Software

The RMA system is integrated with the RRM Customer Management and Accounts Receivable systems, providing the RRM user the ability to determine the ultimate disposition of returned goods:

    • Sent back to customer – no action taken (out of warranty, wrong goods, etc)
    • Returned to stock other location for A/R Credit
    • Create rework order to repair returned item.
    • Ship repaired items back to customer – with or without charge”
    • Automatically create Credit for repair and Bill back invoice

  • Parts to be returned for replacement will have a price override, allowing the RRM user in charge of the RMA to determine whether the goods replacing the original shipment will have the original price, an override price, or no price at all.
  • If the goods are serialized, the RMA system will allow the entry of each serial number to be returned when the RMA is entered, and this serial will be verified as against the original PO when the RMA is both entered and received.
  • Product manager’s, upon RMA creation, can monitor and assign a workflow to RMAs that allow for the proper processing and disposition of RMAs and their costs.
  • Advance replacement order – Ability to create a new order to ship replacement prior to the return being received.
  • Restocking fees can be charged.
  • Repair Charge tracking