RRM Dashboard

RRM Dashboard enables you to analyze data, discover critical factors and trends,take action to optimize company performance, has web based interface.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are:

  • On Time Delivery Performance
  • Employee Efficiency
  • Workcenter Efficiency
  • Current Inventory Level
  • Sales Target by Period
  • Today’s Shipments
  • Today’s Bookings
  • Incoming Quality
  • Starvation Items
  • Current AR
  • Average Days to Collect Invoices

Interactive Analysis

  • View REAL TIME data.
  • Intuitive ‘dashboard’ permits simultaneous viewing. Graphical bar and pie charts are also available.
  • Security levels
  • Capability to drilldown into the details.
  • Email Alerting Capabilities
  • Make more effective decision with your RRM data.


  • Develop your own reporting templates and views.
  • Create your own filters, sorts and color schemes.