Manufacturing Sales Analysis Software

The Sales Analysis module assist you in analyzing your business sales performance.


Manufacturing Sales Analysis Software

Sales Analysis is a module that analyzes and reports your sales by:

  • Customer
  • Product ID
  • Product Code
  • Salesman
  • Sales Territory

The Sales Analysis module uses dates from orders and shipments to produce timely and accurate reports about your company’s sales activity. Sales Analysis allows you to customize these reports to meet your company’s particular needs. You have the flexibility to specify:

  • the report’s title
  • the report’s frequency
  • whether to sort the report by sales territory sales representative, customer, product code, or product id (item or part number)
  • one of four possible “formats” that print information for different time frames (update month/QTD/YTD, updated month/QTD/YTD and the same month/QTD/YTD last years, last 12 (or 13) months, updated month/YTD compared to the same month/YTD last year)
  • how to print amounts – in millions, thousands, hundreds, or actual dollars (or number of units)
  • whether to print the dollars ordered, units ordered, dollars shipped, and/or units shipped
  • whether to print a summary (totals only) or a detailed version of the report