Serial Number / Lot Control

Serial Number/Lot Control provides the ability to enter, maintain, and inquire about serial numbers and control lots.



  • Allows entry of serial numbers or control lots where items or parts are moved.
  • Allows you to predefine, query, and edit serial numbers and control lots.
  • Specifies where serial number and lot control information is required within the system.
  • Allows consignments of serial numbers or control lots to specific reference lines on customer orders.
  • Defines serial numbers and control lots for all items on a given order.
  • Supports multilevel serial number capability.
  • Allows serial number/lot control functions to be used with Shop Floor Data Collection and Inventory Data Collection modules.
  • Provides on screen inquiries by serial or part number.
  • Tracks total of raw material lot numbers.
  • Tracks customer shipments from finished serial numbers back to raw material lots.