Statistical Process Control System

Over 300 different control charts at your fingertips!


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    • SPC for the Shop Floor Data entry interface for both standard and touch screen displays. Traditional and short run variable and attribute charts with easy to use interface for operations and advanced analysis. Pareto Analysis of both Process Events & Product Defects. 300 + control clients.
    • Gage Tracking & Calibration System
    • Measurement Systems Analysis

Gage Calibration and Measurement Systems Analysis:
ISO 9000 series of standards were once thought of as requirements only for companies competing in a global market. Today these standards along with others such as QS-9000 are requirements for most companies whether they compete in a global or domestic market.

Gage Tracking System (GTS)
ProfitKey’s GTS is a gage tracking and gage calibration system that helps companies achieve the requirements of these standards. The package consists of a comprehensive database where calibration requirements, procedures and results can be controlled and maintained. In addition, gage tracking information from company location to the cabinet drawer level allows gages to be easily located within even the largest facilities.