Supplier Portal

Enhances communications with your supplier(s), timely adjustments of delivery schedules, minimize manual expediting, improve supplier performance and reduce cost and complexity of managing inventory.


Supplier Portal mage1

Supplier Portal Database

    • Generates separate portal database independent of your live ERP database
    • Frequency of update to database is user definable
    • Portal Database maintains snapshot of portal information available for your
      Supplier to view including:
      Actual & planned material requirements to all who are preferred suppliers
      Current open orders, on-hand inventory, delivery schedules, and current Invoice
    • Enables controlled supplier modifications of:
      Delivery schedules against PO line items
      Supplier modifications must be approved by your buyer before they are
      automatically updated into your ERP database
    • Automatic Email notification to Supplier when new requirements exist
    • Simplifies management of material for dynamic production environment
    • Eliminates need for costly expediting calls to supplier and paper based inventory
    • Enables your company to be more responsive to ever changing material planning

Supplier Portal Administration

  • Easy Administration of Supplier Login
  • Setup by Supplier and Item
  • Customizable Supplier WEB Page
  • Customizable Scrolling messages

Internet Environment:

  • Portal WEB Server
  • Requires Windows 2000 / 2003 Server with IIS
  • Requires ODBC Access to both Live and Snapshot Databases
  • Utilizes the Active Server Pages (ASP)
  • Non-dialup connection to Internet required, ie T1/3, Cable, DSL
  • Domain Name or IP address required to access to Supplier Portal Web Server